It's been a while guys

I don't actually know what to say, so I'll come right out and admit it.

I cheated on Blogspot with Tumblr :'( I'm sorry, soooo sorry, but my Tumblr helps me soooo much and this? Well not one of my readers comments, my friends don't blog anymore and this post is a farewell :'(

Bye guys <3


Everything is totally NOT O.K.

I've had an amazing past couple of days :') but never mind those, stories for better days, this is for ANYONE who, possibly, hasn't had the best couple of days, or even ... life. (ZOMG - full stop, I mean 'SRS BSNSS' and if you don't know what that's from LOSE.YOUR.SOCIAL.LIFE.NOW)

So for anyone who's reading this (*cough* not aimed at anyone in particular *cough*) I don't mind you sending me messages asking for advice, I'm all ears and strictly confidential but I can't help and be a good friend(that you know and love) if you don't tell me :) I love you and all I want to do is HELP no ulterior motive whatsoever :D

'nuf said me thinks xxx

Post ya later ;D


I don't like anyone.... or do I ;3

Just a quick update :3

Well for a while now I've been relishing the fact that I don't like a guy >.< it makes life so sweet, you stop comparing quotes and love songs and cheesy sayings to how you feel and what you're going through, you can enjoy things for what they are and I really have no idea how to explain how amazing it feels :D AND I don't give a rat's arse what I look like, although for some reason I wear more make up these days I think it's just to please myself :P 


I've been strange lately, and I'm not sure if it's because of the change of heart or just me "growing up" - so to speak - but I'm just not 'ME' anymore :s
I used to absolutely LOVE Cream Soda(if you have no idea what that is, you have not lived ;D) and meat of all kinds(except for innards and strange things like black pudding and Haggis) but now I'm not so keen on it, the thought of meat makes me feel sick... ~be right back gotta gag~ Sorry, bout that =.= and when I get nervous I feel like crying and cry waaaay easier than I ever did and I don't mind what side of the bus I sit on, I feel like just getting up and going out and taking pictures(NOT meeting people, that thought makes me feel ill too, still a bit introverted - Google it, don't ask >.< ) 
And I kinda do like a guy but it's not suffocating and because I just want to HELP people I feel like just helping in his love life, like I normally do as a friend, is enough, so it hasn't effected the top paragraph :D I've liked him before :/ I think I did a post about him ages ago like half a year ago O.o but I saw a quote the other day(still love those :P) that said "feelings that return are feelings that never went away" so maybe I've liked him for 4(+) years...? Please give me your verdict :) I'd love to hear it, and I bet Bjork, you know who I'm talking about, Tim(if either one of you is reading this) probably has no idea, but he has a good excuse :)

So I think that's about it.... yeah umm. These are hard to end because DF2S is just weird now so....

I don't like bye, so, Aurevoir :33

Just some random ones cause I don't have any that relate :)


I hope this makes you smile :)


I read all 50 of them and agree with all, I strongly recommend you read them too ^.^ the ones that stuck out most, though, were 'making one person smile can change the world' and 'life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in te rain'

I've become a lot more positive lately, my fried told me what was up, I think she read my blog :') she's sorted everything out aswell and I'm ecstatic for her >.< the other one, with girl troubles, he doesn't read my blog. That would be too harsh for him(he's dyslexic you see)

Anyway because of my positiveness. I've set out to make others smile

Don't forget to smile x

(btw the hand drawn one, that is actually mine. I drew that ;D )


Pushing me away

I've been a shit-hole('scuse my French) for almost two years. And lately I've kinda had an apiphany, think that's what they call it. I got over a guy, and I feel more comfortable around guys in general - I get on with them more. I'm pulling myself out of my hole, I feel happy for once. I wouldn't go as far to say optimistic. I still have no self-confidence, motivation or determination. And I'm still freaking out over my exams. But I'm only human two years of depression isn't going to go away over night. I'm trying. I want to reconcile with an old friend, I've gotten closer to some best friends who I never realised were aware that I was going through a lot. They could just tell but they didn't say anything. They waited 'till I went to them :')

However, one of them has recently fell into my illness, they are pushing me away without realising it and I want to tell them that even if they don't realise it, I do, and I am not going anywhere >.<

The other, although its only girl troubles, still refuses to tell me or let me help, I understand that but I don't think he realises how much I want to be there for him because he was there for me, he was my guardian angel I didn't know I had, so I'll be one for him :) a secret agent

I'm not writing this to make them feel bad about not telling me, just to let them know, if they read this, that I'll be patient. I'll wait for them to be ready, I'm not going to push you :) I know that people just need to know someone cares, even if that caring person can't help or doesn't know what's wrong, that they're there to catch them when they fall. I won't carry you across the finish line, I'll fix you up and heal your wounds so you can cross it yourself ^.^

Don't forget to smile x


Moving On

So, our leavers mass was yesterday (I'm not good with those, I don't know any responses as a non-catholic and I couldn't see the board with the responses. So I looked stupid >.<) and there were lots of tears, doughnuts, tee-shirts and hugssss XD so that's one version of moving on... The other well....

Nobody comments!!! Nobody posts!!!

What is my blog coming to?! I think I'm the only one out of my group of bloggers that's still blogging and SOON(!!) Vlogging ;) check me out on YouTube... When I get a link. When I post my first one. GAH. So much to dooo!!

Please someone. Anyone. Comment. Blogg. Something?!!

Don't forget to smile x


"It's not about luck, really, so, best wishes" :)

Best thing a person has ever said to me before exams. And he was practically a complete stranger :P don't worry, he goes to my church and I may not know him by name but I do know him... :D

Anyway he said this and he so totally right! It's got nothing to do with luck, ok so maybe it's luck if you get good questions. But good questions for you may be terribly bad questions for someone else. So it's really a matter of how hard you work, don't you think?! And tbh, I'm not expecting much because I haven't worked as hard as I could've but at the same time I'm pretty confident... so far... ;)

So don't tell people "Good Luck" before an exam, tell the what this wise stranger told me, "I hope you open the exam paper and smile"

So to all my friend who are going through GCSEs these next few weeks, I hope you smile :) xxx

Don't forget to smile x



Because of my shitty-bitchy-crap mood lately, I've discovered that I've become incredibly blunt >.< it's great because when some asks how I am, I don't just say 'I'm fine (smiles)' I actually say 'I'm not fine, I'm shit, but I'm gunna tell you I'm fine because it'd take waaaay too long to explain ;)' and this has led me to discover that not one but two friends have actually, honestly, sincerely, thought something was amiss ^.^ that cheers me up

They're both guys, one I've been close to for years and honestly wasn't expecting, but the other I'm never really clear on, whether he's a friend or just a dick. Turns out he's the best friend I never realised I even had >.<

(Love you guys xxx)

Don't forget to smile x



Stupid Timmy :P you could have atleast told me the right date >.< ah well, cba, keeping the seven plaits in ;)

Yes, that's right people, it wasn't Monday, it's this Saturday instead =.=

I'm ill still but this is a different cold and it's providing me with plenty flu symptoms which isn't very great :( but I can't afford to skip school, so even if I die, I stay.

On the brightside 2 weeks from today is our last day >.< excited!!! (I won't mention that my first exam is on Monday and that I'm freaking out because it's French and I suck!)

Don't forget to smile x


5 plaits - TWO days to go ;)

Yeah I'm adding a plait to my hair everyday as a sort of countdown >.< I started last Tuesday, so this coming Monday, the day of unknown events will be the seventh plait ^.^ gotta find more room oven the side of my head :s

Anyway, today I went into town to buy thank you cards for my teachers; my old form tutor, my current form tutor and my head of year, because it's our last year of school before we go off the college or work, so I thought I'd do something more personal ^.^

I'll get some chocolates or something for my other teachers ^.^

I'm in a good mood today. Although I had a very minor hang over this morning :/ drank two glasses of Rosé to fast yesterday and it went straight my head =.=

Don't forget to smile x